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What Does a Medical Representative Do?

Pharma sales agents inform doctors and other healthcare professionals who prescribe medications about recent advancements in the sector. Additionally, they link healthcare professionals with the information, medications, and therapies required to give their patients cutting-edge care. They also try to educate people about new pharmaceutical products, including doctors, pharmacists, medical facilities, and patients.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives, commonly known as pharma reps or PSRs, are well informed about pharmacology, the study of drugs and how they affect the body. They need to be able to explain a new product’s chemistry, mode of action, side effects, and potential drug interactions. PSRs can broaden their knowledge and become more helpful to healthcare professionals by specialising in a particular group or class of pharmaceuticals, such as cardiac or psychiatric medications. This will also improve their ability to promote their clients’ medicines.

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Within a particular geographic territory, commission-based salespeople make up the majority of PSRs. They arrange and attend sales meetings with healthcare professionals in this capacity, look for leads, and develop new clientele. Additionally, they might speak at provider events, attend industry conferences, and lead sessions for medical professionals’ continuing education. In addition to their responsibilities in sales, many PSRs work for their employers as field researchers. They might be in charge of keeping track of how often doctors write prescriptions or determining how patients respond to a new medication.

PSRs with experience appreciate the intellectual challenge the position offers. There are always new products to research because the pharmaceutical sector develops quickly. Reps get a lot of satisfaction from informing stakeholders about fascinating medical breakthroughs and presenting new, occasionally life-saving medications to the public.

Work independently as Medical Representative

Pharmaceutical sales representatives may have offices at their houses or for their companies, but the most of their time is spent travelling to clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. Pharma reps are free to arrange their own schedules and work independently. However, because their compensation is commission-based, they are required to work a sizable amount of hours. In order to meet people for potential future sales, reps frequently spend their weekends and evenings at conferences.

What the specialized training programs offer?

The various specialized courses can help you develop skills and knowledge you’ll use in pharmaceutical sales:


Study how biological molecules are structured and interact at an atomic level, plus the role electricity plays in body function.

Organic chemistry

Survey the structure and reactions of molecules containing carbon.

Public speaking

Covers topics like structuring and organizing a presentation, delivery techniques, and tips for overcoming anxiety.

Negotiation in Medical Representative

Learn the communication strategies you need to influence others, overcome resistance, and reach agreements.

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