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MedRep recognises the importance of maintaining your privacy. We value your privacy and appreciate your trust in us. This Privacy Policy applies to current and former users of our Application. By visiting and/or using our Application, you agree to abide by and be bound by this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy explains the information practices that apply to personally identifiable information that we collect about you as an individual entity, when you visit and/or use our Application. Any information that we collect about you while you are visiting or using our Application will be handled in accordance with this MedRep Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy does not apply to information about you collected by our affiliates or third party websites/applications that may post links or advertisements on or otherwise be accessible from the MedRep Application. The information collected by these affiliates or third party websites/applications is subject to their own privacy policies.

1. Information We Collect:

This section of our Privacy Policy describes the categories of information collected by MedRep. You have the option not to provide information; however, withholding information may prevent you from being able to use some of our Application features.

i. Information Collected Automatically: Whenever you visit our Application, we automatically collect some information about your transactions with us, and your use of our Application. For example, we automatically collect your IP address, for MedRep’s internal use only, such as to help us diagnose problems with our server and administer our Application. We also automatically track certain information about your activities on our Application such as the type of web browser you are using and click stream data. If you are a registered MedRep user, we link this automatically-collected data to the personally identifiable information we collect about you described below. We use this information to do internal research on your interests and to help us better understand and serve you.

ii. Information You Send To Us:

If you choose to provide us with personal/specific/individual information, such as by sending us an e-mail or by filling out a form with your personal information and submitting it to us through our Application, as the case may be, we collect and store the personal/specific/individual information that you provide to us. For example, if you register or sign up for an account with us, we collect and store, multiple information variants, including without limitation, your name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, address proof, payment mode/method details, password, etc. If the user is a patient, additional information, including without limitation, blood group, height, weight, emergency contact details (number, name and relation), personal medical history, lifestyle habits [smoking, drinking, exercise frequency, etc.], prescriptions and reports images, insurance details, etc., may be collected and stored by us. If you opt for paid services on the Application, we further collect the personal/specific/individual information that you provide to us such as your billing and payment information, etc. If you participate in surveys on our Application, we will collect and store certain personal/specific/individual information from you. Participation in these surveys is completely voluntary and you therefore have a choice whether or not to disclose the requested information.

iii. Information about Your Transactions with Us:

In addition, we collect your paid service(s) request(s) information and purchase and payment history.

iv. Further Details about the Information MedRep collects can be found under the Section “Information Usage Policies”

Any information collected by MedRep will be used by MedRep to improve its services, Application, website, etc; and maybe shared by MedRep with certain other specific users, or with our bona fide third-party partners, affiliates, advertisers, and sponsors. MedRep may also direct users to websites/applications operated by third parties, though MedRep does not guarantee the security of any personal information disclosed on those websites/applications.

2. Cookies and Similar Files:

Our Application uses “cookies” and files that are similar to cookies. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers created by your browser at our request and stored in an approved and standardized place on your computer. By transferring these cookies, MedRep assigns you a unique user code and record locater. Information about your activity on our Application can then be included in your user record, which is stored within the MedRep firewall. When you visit or return to our Application, we read the cookie to identify you as one of our users and help recall orders or preferences you have selected. The cookie also enables us to recall your past activities, post your account data, and tailor site elements and special offers to you. No personal/specific/individual information about you is stored on the cookie.

Most web browsers accept cookies by default, but allow users to reject cookies by changing the browser preferences. If you have set up your browser to reject cookies, some aspects of our Application will not work properly.

This Privacy Policy covers the use of cookies and similar files by MedRep only and does not cover the use of cookies and similar files by any third party advertisers or websites or Applications linked to MedRep’s Application.

Use and Disclosure of Information:

We use the information that we collect about you to maintain, improve, and administer our Application, operate our business, provide services that you request, administer your account, inform you about products and services that might be of interest to you, and personalise your online experience.

In order to carry out certain business functions, we sometimes hire other companies to perform services on our behalf. We may disclose personal/specific/individual information that we collect about you or from you to these companies to enable them to perform these services. In addition, we may share the information we collect with other companies with whom we have joint marketing arrangements. We may also disclose information, including personal/specific/individual information, we collect about you in other circumstances as required or permitted by law. For example, MedRep reserves the right to disclose personal/specific/individual information, including account information, when we believe such disclosure is appropriate to cooperate with an investigation of activities claimed to be unlawful, to enforce our Terms and Conditions, or to protect the rights or property of MedRep or others.

4. Links to Third Party Products and Services:

While you are visiting or using the MedRep Application, you may be presented with an opportunity to purchase third party products or services. These products and services are offered and supplied by independent companies not owned or operated by MedRep. If you click on one of the presented offers, you will be redirected to the site of the third party, and any information you provide in response to the offer will be collected and used by the third party and not by MedRep. Information you provide to the third party and any dealings you have with the third party will be governed by the privacy and other policies of that third party. MedRep shall not be liable in any manner under these circumstances.

5. Changes to this Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time. MedRep may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time by posting a revised Privacy Policy on our Application, such that the latest revised Privacy Policy shall be binding on all users. We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so please view it frequently.


The MedRep for Patients application is a complementary application to MedRep which is used by Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies for their Professional and Marketing uses. Although they are 2 separate applications, MedRep for Patients also falls under the MedRep suite of Applications umbrella. Further in this document, MedRep for Patients will be mentioned as “MedRep Application”
We collect different types of information through the MedRep Application, including: information that you provide us directly; information about you that we automatically collect from log data, IP addresses, and aggregated user data; cookies; information that you give us about your friends; and your chat histories. We may use this information in different ways.

1. Information that you provide us directly

What is it?

  • Information you give us when you register an account with the MedRep Application (this might include your first and last name, username, phone number, email address, password, date of birth/age, and other personal information);
  • Information that you post on your Patient profile on MedRep (this might include profile pictures, location, bio, demographics, medical history, prescriptions, reports and other information);
  • Information you give us during any communications you have with us (this might include information you give us in emails you send us, chats you have with us, anything you send us in the mail, and any other information you might send us);
  • Interactions that you have with other users or content on MedRep Application; and
  • When you give us authorization, contact information of your friends from your mobile or tablet devices to advertise/ promote / share MedRep Application with your contacts and address book information.
  • Bank and Card information such Credit/Debit Card number, Expiry Date and Name on Card. We also ask for Bank details used during NetBanking transactions
  • Doctor Appointment Details such as Doctor Name, Patient Name, Problem Areas, Therapeutic Areas, Date, Time and Location of the Appointment etc. Appointments can be set using the Face-to-Face, Chat, Video or Pharma Treatment Campaigns functionalities in MedRep Application

How do we use it?

  • To enable you to access and use the MedRep Application;
  • To list your profile in MedRep Applications so as to provide better information to Doctors during consultations. Please note your Profile, Medical History, Prescriptions and Reports are shared with Doctors only when you provide MedRep with the consent to do so. Otherwise, the information is just viewed by you and the MedRep’s Team. However, we as an Application and/or an organization will never share this information with any user, business and/or entity for any purpose unless deemed unavoidable in the court of law or Govt. of India.
  • To enforce our Terms of Service;
  • To respond to your comments and questions;
  • To customize your experience, to test and introduce new features and products, and to improve and monitor the effectiveness of our service(s);
  • To carry out contests, surveys, evaluations, and other events or activities that you choose to participate in;
  • For any other purposes that we specifically communicate to you when we collect that information;

To communicate with you regarding your use of MedRep Application, and to advise you of changes to the MedRep Application;

To promote our application amongst your contacts as and when such a permission is given by you and

  • To use your email address or other contact information to send you how-to-use, new features, updates, medical articles, news, updates, newsletters, marketing materials, or any other information pertaining to MedRep Application. You can opt out from receiving certain notifications by following the instructions in each email or communication from MedRep Application.
  • To enable payments to Doctors using online payments for Chat and Video Consultations. MedRep Application and its related DBs do not store any Bank or Card information. However, we use a 3rd Party API from “PayU Payments Private Limited” to facilitate all transactions. All Bank/Card/Saved Cards information is stored in PayU Payments Private Limited ‘s DB and MedRep Application does not store or use this data for any other purposes
  • To monitor smooth execution of Doctor-Patient Appointments and to investigate any complaints that arise during the said appointments. We do not use this information for any other purposes apart from the one mentioned above or to enhance the future services using MedRep Application.
  • Other things you should know:

    We may remove, at our sole discretion, any information that you provide when you register for or use the Service (such as usernames, profile pictures, names, etc.), if we believe it is inappropriate or violates any of the policies posted on our Policies page at , including, but not limited to, our Terms of Service.

    2. Information that we automatically collect:

    What is it?

    • We automatically collect information about your computer, mobile device, tablet, and other devices when you use the MedRep Application. Among other things, we collect session data, IP addresses, web browser software information, and mobile device identifiers such as your device’s UDID.
    • We may also collect and/or aggregate information about your online activities, including but not limited to, content you view, demographic patterns, elements of MedRep Application that you use, and pages you visit.

    How do we use it?

    • We may analyze, evaluate, and/or aggregate this information to help us understand your interests and the interests of our other users, to analyze trends, to optimize your user experience and improve the services you receive from MedRep Application.

    Other things you should know:

    We may share aggregated information about the MedRep Application and its users, without seeking additional consent, with third parties (including, without limitation, advertisers, media, and actual or potential partners or investors) for informational, marketing, and/or promotional purposes. If we do share that information, we will only share it on an aggregated basis and in a manner that does not reveal any personally identifiable information about any individual user.

    3. Information collected during Video Calls:

    What is it?

    • Patient Details such as Name, Address, Date of birth etc.
    • Medical History, Prescriptions and Reports
    • Call Details such as Timings etc.

    How do we use it?

    • MedRep Application uses a 3rd Party API Tool available on TokBox website (
    • MedRep Application only stores medical information such as Prescription for the ease of use of Application for the user in the future. Any other information is not part of the scope of MedRep Application’s scope of data collection and may be collected by TokBox and its APIs
    • We may analyze, evaluate, and/or aggregate this information to help us understand your interests and the interests of our other users, to analyze trends, to optimize your user experience and improve the services you receive from MedRep Application.

    Other things you should know:

    We may share aggregated information about the MedRep Application and its users, without seeking additional consent, with third parties (including, without limitation, advertisers, media, and actual or potential partners or investors) for informational, marketing, and/or promotional purposes. If we do share that information, we will only share it on an aggregated basis and in a manner that does not reveal any personally identifiable information about any individual user.

    4. Information you give us about your friends

    What is it?

    • If you choose to use MedRep Application to tell a friend about us, we will ask you for and store your friend’s email address and/or phone number. We also might ask you to access your phonebook, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp or other social media sites contacts for this purpose.

    How do we use it?

    • If you choose to use MedRep Application to invite one of your contacts to use it, we will send your friend an email, message or SMS inviting them to visit and use MedRep Application. We use this information solely to send these WhatsApp messages, emails or SMS messages, to help your friends register with the MedRep Application, and to track the success of our invitation program.

    5. Location Information

    What is it?

    • When you use our Mobile App, we may collect and store information about your location by converting your IP address into a rough geo-location or by accessing your mobile device’s GPS coordinates or coarse location if you enable location services on your device.

    How do we use it?

    • To improve and personalize our medical services, including, without limitation, to identify nearby Business Users and/or Medical Service Providers (Doctors, Hospitals, Diagnostics, Ambulances etc.) with whom users can communicate.

    6. Your Chat History

    What is it?

    • We will collect, save and store all information contained in your Patient chat history with Doctors.

    How do we use it?

    • To allow you to access and search your chat history for your own purposes.
    • We also use this data in Complaints Resolutions, identification of activities such as malpractice, misbehavior, unlawful activities, fraud prevention, risk assessment, and customer support, legal purposes and inappropriate content identification such as inappropriate language, photos videos etc. We will not review, scan, or analyze your communications for sending third party marketing messages to you. We will also not sell these reviews or analyses of communications to third parties. We will also use automated methods to carry out these reviews or analyses where reasonably possible. However, from time to time we may have to manually review some communications.
    • To collect aggregated data from your chat history. We may use the data to build language models which help us improve the service from MedRep Application. We will only collect this data on an aggregated basis, and in a manner which does not reveal any personally identifiable information about any individual user. We will use this data to help us understand our users’ interests, analyze trends, and customize the user experience.

    7. Controlling Your Information

    A. Posting in Chat Groups

    • When you post or make content available in Chat Groups, that content will be visible to everyone who is a member of that Chat Group.

    B. Accessing and Changing your Account Information; Deleting your Account

    • You can edit, update, or delete your account at any time.
    • • If you delete your account, you won’t be able to sign in, use MedRep Application, or access any of your information. If you delete your account, we may retain certain information associated with your account, for analytical purposes and recordkeeping. If you delete your account with us, please be aware that we may retain any content you have previously posted on MedRep Application, including, without limitation, any other data or posted content.

    8. Security

    • • Your account, registration information, and password are protected so that only you (or any third parties that you allow to access your login credentials) can access your account. All personally identifiable information that we collect about you is stored in limited-access servers. The Service has technical, administrative, and physical security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information which is under our control. While we are committed to implementing reasonable and appropriate safeguards to protect your information against foreseeable risks, no computer system or information can ever be fully protected against any possible risk, and we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to circumvent those safeguards, or access and/or use your personal information for improper purposes.