Comprehensive Healthcare


A Unique Digitized Tool for Healthcare Companies

The MedRep Application was incepted with the intent of creating a tightly integrated ecosystem by connecting the Pharmaceutical companies, Medical Device Manufacturers and their respective Medical Representatives, to the Physicians, Pharmacies and the Patients. MedRep hosts largely diversified groups of users, with different pain points and different needs. Owing to this fact, MedRep addresses each user group separately and offers a distinct set of features to each of user groups that uniquely focus on providing value to those set of users.

The Healthcare companies can leverage this broad and vast database of users to facilitate business growth. MedRep allows Healthcare companies to run Low cost, High reach promotional campaigns for their products. This allows them to reach a vast number of doctors in minimal time. Thus enabling quicker time to market. With the limited face time that medical representatives get with doctors, it is not always possible to communicate product information effectively. MedRep, solves this problem by allowing healthcare companies to push product information in all media formats, facilitating comprehensive knowledge transfer to doctors.

Moreover, with MedRep, Healthcare companies can also track the efficacy of their respective product campaigns and gauge Doctor’s interest levels to facilitate better medical representative interactions and focused Sales meetings. Furthermore, MedRep also provides healthcare companies with critical analytics to help them better understand market needs.

Similarly, MedRep allows healthcare companies to receive key opinions on industry matters through the facility to publish digital surveys directly to doctors. These surveys are designed to be filled out easily by the doctors, and can be sent out to all the MedRep registered doctors at one go. This helps healthcare companies compile opinions from a wider audience and can help direct business towards an optimal direction.

Product Marketing Campaigns
MedRep allows Pharmaceutical companies and Medical Device manufacturing companies to publish their respective Product’s marketing information directly onto a doctor’s mobile device in all media formats.
Track Campaign Efficacy
With MedRep, healthcare companies can track the efficacy of their product campaigns with regular insights. With all the information presented within the application, companies can even gauge the doctor’s interest levels to tailor their sales pitch accordingly.
Critical Healthcare Analytics
MedRep completely integrates all the key stakeholders within the healthcare space. Through such a diverse user base, MedRep is able to derive key healthcare insights and analytics for the healthcare companies.
Industry Surveys & Reports
Healthcare companies can gain critical insights into the industry and market needs by factoring in key opinions of the doctors. MedRep accumulates all the doctor responses and present healthcare companies with Survey reports.
Appointment Scheduling & Tracking
Doctors can schedule a meeting with medical representatives through MedRep. These meeting requests are passed onto your sales team, and can be constantly monitored.