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Quality Healthcare at Affordable prices

Effective health care is really important in today’s fast paced world. It isn’t always easy to find time to concentrate on health issues. Luckily with the advent of Mobile technologies, things have become easily accessible.

Through MedRep, we provide all the medical information one needs, to effectively take care of their health. Moreover, through a completely interconnected platform like MedRep, it is easy for patients to connect with doctors, for online/ remote consultation to cater to all their health needs. Plus, with the easy to use UI, appointment setting with doctors has never been easier. Moreover, as a one stop solution, Patients can also search for the nearest healthcare providers like doctors, hospitals, diagnostic clinics, blood banks, etc.

There is a rising problem in the market to which most of the patients are unaware. It is the counterfeit drug market. In such a case, a patient unknowingly has a medicine seemingly looks real, but usually is a dud pill that can cause serious adverse effects to one’s health. MedRep assists Patients in purchasing absolutely genuine drugs. MedRep’s team ensures that none of the drugs are counterfeited and cause no harm to patients in any way.

Medical Information & Health Tips
Patients can research about their diseases and other medical facts that help them prevent or fight health problems. Moreover, they are made aware of the latest researches and innovations in the market to help make better health choices.
Purchase Genuine Drugs
By curbing the counterfeit drug market, MedRep is successfully able to provide patients authentic drugs in the market. MedRep assimilates data from various sources to filter out entities that are involved in such drug sales, and provides the list of authentic drug suppliers to patients.
Report Drug Side Effects
Patients can convey side effects that they feel to better help understand patient responses to treatments. This helps in changing medications in case it doesn’t suit a particular patient.
Industry Surveys
To help improve the healthcare industry in India, MedRep encourages Patients to partake in surveys that ultimately benefit them.
Identify Counterfeit Drugs
With MedRep’s Drug Verification Tool, Patients need to only scan the medicine bar code, to verify whether it is a genuine drug or not. MedRep checks directly with the healthcare companies for the information.
Find Nearby Healthcare Providers
MedRep provides easy access to patients for all their healthcare needs through this application. Patients can search for the nearest healthcare providers like doctors, hospitals, diagnostic clinics, blood banks, etc.