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A Completely Integrated

Healthcare Ecosystem

What MedRep offers Doctors

MedRep is a one stop shop for all the medical information needs of Doctors. MedRep offers an information and collaboration portal for doctors, thus enabling them to access any and every medical information anytime, anywhere. MedRep also enables Doctors to organize and/or be part of Medical Seminars to enhance their current knowledge. Be it Latest Drug Information, Drug Dictionary, Medical & Industry News or Educative Materials, MedRep has it all.

New Product Push Notifications
Exclusive Doctor’s Portal
Drug Search Dictionary & Drug comparison
Latest Medical News & Innovations
Digitized Industry Surveys
Journals, Research Material Papers & Webinars

MedRep for Healthcare Companies

MedRep Mobile & Web Application was built with an intent to complement the existing Marketing efforts of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing companies. It also offers deep insight to the Healthcare companies in terms of the efficacy of their campaigns. With a diverse range of users using this application, MedRep has the ability to provide critical business insights in the form of analytics to the Healthcare Companies.

Product Marketing Campaigns
Track Campaign efficacy
Critical Healthcare Analytics
Industry Surveys & Reports
Appointment Scheduling & Tracking

MedRep for Patients

Enhancing the quality of healthcare for people is paramount. Which is why, MedRep has created a single solution that caters to every need of patients to ensure they are provided with all that they need in order to take care of their health. Be it information, or connecting & consulting with doctors or even finding nearby pharmacies and clinics, MedRep has the answer!

Medical Information & Health Tips
Purchase Genuine Drugs
Report Drug Side Effects
Industry Surveys
Identify Counterfeit Drugs
Find Nearby Healthcare Providers

MedRep For Pharmacies

Pharmacies are the doorways for drug procurement at the Patient / Consumer level. Just as any business, the continuous inflow and outflow of drugs and medical devices is essential for an effective Healthcare Ecosystem. MedRep as a Mobile and Web application enables seamless communication between the Manufacturers, the Point-of-Sale entities & Patients to effectively track the drug availability.

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