MedRep - A Digital Healthcare Platform

MedRep - A Digital Healthcare Platform for Doctors

MedRep as a Web and a Mobile Application, helps connect Doctors directly with Healthcare Companies, Pharmacies and even Patients. Moreover, as a digitally collaborative forum, Doctors can also connect with their peers through a portal exclusively for doctors, to indulge in knowledge sharing and collaboration.

MedRep also comes with an in-built drug dictionary that allows doctors to access critical drug information and also compare one drug with another. With the MedRep Mobile & Web Application, Doctors have an ease of use when it comes to accessing latest information in terms of Latest Industry Developments, Newly released and upcoming medical care technologies. Doctors can also indulge in growing their expertise by accessing latest Journals, Research Papers and other educative material directly from MedRep.

MedRep also helps Doctors collaborate with Healthcare Companies in order to streamline and grow the industry by regularly partaking in knowledge share about recent developments and Newly Released Products. This platform also allows Doctors to work closely with Healthcare Companies by sharing their key opinions through digitized Surveys.

MedRep is set to expand as a platform, and would soon be allowing Doctors to connect directly with Patients for Online/Remote Consultation and Appointment scheduling. MedRep is set to quickly become a one-stop shop for all of Doctor’s Medical, professional, informational and educative needs.

New Product Push Notifications
Through MedRep, Doctors are automatically informed about any new products that are released in the market by Pharmaceutical or Medical Device Manufacturing Companies. The detailing on MedRep is extremely elaborate and provides comprehensive information about the relevant products.
Exclusive Doctor’s Portal
MedRep offers an exclusive to Doctors collaboration portal that allows Doctors to connect with their peers, join or create therapeutically focused groups and a discussion forum to help facilitate medical discussions.
Drug Search Dictionary and Drug comparison
MedRep comes with an in-built grug dictionary through which doctors can search for any drugs and their constituents. Furthermore, they can also compare these with other similar drugs in the market.
Latest Medical News & Innovations
It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest happening in the industry. Which is why, MedRep constantly provides doctors most recent industry news and articles along with most recent medical innovations and best practices.
Digitized Industry Surveys
Doctors can partake in assisting the growth of the Healthcare industry by offering their key opinions on various industry and healthcare related topics. These surveys are quick & easy to fill out.
Journals, Research Papers & Webinars
To help Doctors constantly enhance their knowledge, MedRep provides a quick access forum to Doctors, help them access all educative materials such as Journals, Research Papers, Case Studies, best practices etc., using just a few clicks.